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I guess we should start with where we live, but I won't be giving adresses because you don't know might want to come and visit me in the middle of the night *shiver*. We . It really is a beautiful city with Table Mountain (see picture) in the background.The rest of the time I either sit infront of our PC (166mhz Pentium with 16Mb RAM - not that we like to brag *grin*) or infront of our TV (*grin* aswell). For more info on the two individual members of this more than wacky duet click on either It really is a beautiful city with Table Mountain (see picturers) in the background.

Cape Town, South Africa is one of the 6 cities for the for the olympic games 2004.( Click on the 2004 picture to learn more about the 2004 in CapeTown).If you are a tourist not a tourist but want to know about Cape Town and want to see more about Cape Town.(Click on the ship)

Then there's also the V&A (Victoria and Alfred) Waterfront where we like to go and see movies and just act like little 'mallrats.' The pictures you see are of the V&A.

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