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Welcome to the little place in Cyberspace belonging to Flame. Hope you enjoy your stay - but you never know - some of the servers are so slow it scares me :-) To find out more about me (that's and someother stuff ) check out our Personal Info Any comments and/or suggestions about the page


Games Section Preview

Check it OUT!The games section is so good it will make you runaround your room. In the Games Section we will preview the latest games every two months (or when possible *grin*). will mainly be maintaining this part of our site so all comments and/or suggestions can be directed to him. We'd also appreciate it if you would mail me your favorite Games-related Web sites to be featured in our upcoming 'Hot Games sites on the Web!' If you e-mail us we (might) send you a lolli-pop. *grin* If you've already started drooling all over your keyboard close your mouth and pick up your mouse (it rhymes!) and click here to go there...

Personal Info Prelude

What can I say? The Personal Info Section has just that - personal info on Flame (but not neccesarily in that order *grin*). There are some pics of our favourite spots, sports and stuff. This might be the one section that bores you to sleep - so go get some coffee. If you are really ready to continue, click here...

Movie Corner (under construction)

Check it OUT!The Movie Corner will feature reviews and ratings of the some of the latest movies (in South Africa that is - typically about 4-6 months behind the USA). I would appreciate comments on my reviews and it would also be nice if you could e-mail me the names and (your) ratings of movies you've seen lately. We will update these pages every 3 to 4 weeks. If you've already checked out all our current reviews I hope you'll bookmark this site and come back later. To go there now, click here.

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